2020 Scholarships

We know how tough this has all been for you especially with this crisis taking a huge part of your high school career away from you and that is why we (SCCLR) want to let you know that we got your back.

That’s why we have pivoted our normal scholarship process to give YOU a chance to earn some college funds through our annual scholarship giveaway. We know mom, dad, and guardians 👪 will appreciate your effort to help them during this economic and health crisis.

Here is what you need to know:

We are giving away TWO $3,000 and THREE $1,000 in scholarships to help out the local students like yourself and we are doing it in a way that can be safe for everyone!

The requirements:
Write a 500 word essay sharing their story on how the pandemic has affected their academic future.

In the essay, include:

  1. What you’ve learned and appreciate now more than ever
  2. Express your thoughts and feeling on how you believe this could have all been managed different both from a national level and local level
  3. Provide an explanation (if any) of any financial strain in the household along with any advice you would give to others in similar situations.
  4. Provide solutions on what you would do different in the community during a crisis like this.

We are also asking that you provide at least one letter of recommendation from a teacher or counselor.

When you’re done, send all of the above to scclr.lareforma@gmail.com

So GOOO and take advantage of this!

The committee will review your essay and provided information and reach a decision by (July 1st).

Recipients will be announced via Social Media on (July 13th).

Good Luck!

About SCCLR’s Scholarships:
For the past 12 years, SCCLR has been providing funds for the most enthusiastic and motivated students across the Northwest Indiana region and have seen many great success stories come out of it. We encourage you to be apart of this years’ recipient list so you can begin to make your mark within the community and your own life.